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Forty, Fat, Fertile Holes in the Diaphragm with Dr. Austin Williams, author of Surgery Morning Report: Beyond the Pearls | USMLE Step 2 Study Smarter Series for Surgery

Forty, Fat, Fertile Holes in the Diaphragm with Dr. Austin Williams, author of Surgery Morning Report: Beyond the Pearls | USMLE Step 2 Study Smarter Series for Surgery

November 2, 2019

In this episode, we're joined by Dr. Austin Williams , surgery resident and editor of Elsevier's recent volume, Surgery Morning Report: Beyond the Pearls . In this episode we cover a couple questions on hiatal hernia and gallbladder disease. 

 06:30 – A 74 year old male with mid-epigastric pain. 

11:00 – Sponsor: From the makers of “pseudo Caesar salad dressing” , comes the most delicious and refreshing drink to hit the physicians lounge since Chronic Lime Margarita Mix, Spinal Tap, CSF inspired micro brews. 

12:30 – A 42 year old female with right upper quadrant pain. 

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